Kazumasa Noguchi: 'TechnoRomantic

Kazumasa Noguchi: 'TechnoRomantic

Tokyo-based architect and artist Kazumasa Noguchi is currently showing his solo exhibit, ‘TechnoRomantic’, at the Time Out Café & Diner’s Gallery Space on the second floor of Ebisu’s Liquidroom. For this highly visual show, the artist has decorated the gallery entirely in a green form of masking tape — essentially a striking study in straight lines.

Noguchi won both the Ataka and Ikuo Hirayama Prizes while still an architecture student at the Tokyo University of the Arts (Tokyo Geijutsu Daigaku), and after graduating he continued to explore many styles of artistic expression. He produced his ‘Small Impact’ exhibition at the Nakaochiai Gallery, transformed a fishing boat in Tokyo Bay into a traditional Japanese tea house (chashitsu) and worked on many other projects fusing interior design and visual art.

A reception party will be held at 8pm, January 22.

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