Keiichi Tahara: Photosynthesis with Min Tanaka

Art, Photography
田原桂一「光合成」with 田中泯

Kyotoite, Francophile and Kimura Ihei Award winner Keiichi Tahara made his name as a photographer, but also worked with light and shadows through other means, including sculpture and installation. He sadly passed away this June at the age of 65 – while in the midst of preparations for this extensive, multi-disciplinary exhibition realised in collaboration with veteran dancer and actor Min Tanaka, 72, a decorated artist who continues to experiment with new bodily forms of expression. 'Photosynthesis' consists of images Tahara shot with Tanaka as his subject way back in the late ’70s – a series that was only released in book form last year – and new photographs taken specifically for this exhibition. Centred on the relationship between light and the body, it's a challenging but fascinating look at two uncompromising masters of their respective crafts. Dance performances by Tanaka are set to take place at the museum on September 30, November 18 and December 23.


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