Koganecho Artist in Residence Exhibition

Art Free

Started as a project to revitalise what was previously a red light district with more than a tad of sketchiness, the annual Koganecho Artist in Residence (Koganecho AIR) has grown to be a proper artistic showcase in its own right, with the founding organisation, Koganecho Management Center, even winning a Japan Foundation award for their efforts. Spread across different galleries and studios between Yokohama's Koganecho and Hinodecho stations, the artists who occupied those spaces in the previous year will showcase the works they made during that time. Last year's event attracted a good 38,000 visitors, while 481 artists groups have participated since its founding in 2009. This year's event includes residents such as Sakura Alice Motomura, Mio Amakusa, Zenping Liao, and many more – check the website for full details. 

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