Kohgen Photo Exhibit

Art Free

Launched in 2011, the annual Kohgen event stages a fascinating variety of workshops related to traditional Japanese culture and religion, including Noh theatre experiences and classes for calligraphy and zazen meditation, plus performances ranging from electronic music to sutra recitation. While you wait for the 2016 edition, consider checking out this photo recap of last year's incarnation, held at Zojoji during Golden Week. The photographs are displayed on the walls of our own Time Out Café & Diner, so you can admire them while sipping a beer or munching on a juicy burger. As an added bonus, a Buddhist monk will visit the exhibit on February 13, inviting you to chat about all things worldly and otherworldly. You'll need to order a drink on the night, but we promise it'll be worth it. Don't speak Japanese? Not to worry – our guest is bilingual. 


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