Kuniyoshi: Spectacular Ukiyo-e Imagination

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Kuniyoshi: Spectacular Ukiyo-e Imagination

Long overshadowed by the likes of Hokusai and Hiroshige, ukiyo-e artist Utagawa Kuniyoshi has been enjoying some belated recognition of late. The second major exhibition of his work to hit Tokyo this year commemorates the 150th anniversary of Kuniyoshi's death, and it's the biggest so far, collecting 420 pieces – some of them newly discovered. Taken together, they offer a comprehensive overview of an artist whose imaginative powers knew few bounds. Kuniyoshi's subjects ranged from traditional staples to monsters and caricatures, and unlike some of his peers, whose work has been diminished by overfamiliarity, he still retains the ability to amuse and shock. Don't miss this chance for a thorough acquaintance with the man the curators describe as 'Edo’s ultimate graphic designer'.

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