Lu Yang: Electromagnetic Brainology

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ルー・ヤン展「電磁腦神教 - Electromagnetic Brainology」

A Shanghai-based artist working in the digital realm, 33-year-old Lu Yang has started to garner international attention with her widely circulated video pieces. In 'Delusional Mandala', she forces art-historical tropes like the self-portrait through the digital ringer, while 'Uterus Man' grew out of an interest in the possibility of escaping gender and other bodily identifiers by 'living on the Internet'. One of Lu’s works was featured in the 2015 Venice Biennale, and now she's hitting Aoyama with a new video installation themed on objects of worship – including some of Japan's own 'idols'.

Watch 'Delusional Mandala' on the exhibition's official website (scroll down to the video).


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