Luigi Ghirri: Works From the 1970s

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ルイジ・ギッリ 「Works from the 1970s」
ルイジ・ギッリ 「Works from the 1970s」
ルイジ・ギッリ 「Works from the 1970s」

Italian conceptual artist and photographer Luigi Ghirri's work represents the European analogue to the 1970s colour-film experimentation by such American fine-art photographers as William Eggleston. Ghirri's approach to picture taking, however, was much more formal in nature, as it often commented ironically on the conventions and technical nature of the medium itself. This show at the Taka Ishii Gallery zooms in on his ’70s work, much of which was first published in 1978 monograph 'Kodachrome'.


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