Madame Kikuchi’s Fine Collection of Contemporary Ceramics

Art, Ceramics and pottery
珠玉の現代陶芸 マダム菊池のコレクション
珠玉の現代陶芸 マダム菊池のコレクション
珠玉の現代陶芸 マダム菊池のコレクション

Displaying the extraordinary collection of Japanese pottery assembled by the late Tomo Kikuchi, a renowned entrepreneur and passionate gatherer of contemporary ceramics, Musée Tomo near the Okura hotel now shines a spotlight on some of the Kikuchi trove's finest pieces. This exhibition includes work by titans of the field such as Kenkichi Tomimoto, Kanjiro Kawai and Munemaro Ishiguro, in addition to pieces by avant-garde representatives Kazuo Yagi and Raku Kichizaemon XV.