Marcel Breuer’s Furniture: Improvement for Good

Art, Design
《クラブチェア B3》 1927-28年 東京国立近代美術館蔵
《ネストテーブル B9-9c》 1929年 東京国立近代美術館蔵
《サイドチェア 301》 1932-34年 ミサワホーム株式会社蔵
《アイソコン・サイドチェア BC3》 1936年 東京国立近代美術館蔵

Hungarian designer and architect Marcel Breuer (1902-1981), the man behind New York's Met Breuer and the futuristic IBM La Gaude research centre, studied at Walter Gropius's Bauhaus school and was quickly recognised as one of the standout talents at the legendary institution. Breuer's 1926 ‘Wassily’ or Model B3 armchair, one of the most visionary works to come out of Bauhaus and Breuer's first major step into the field of furniture design, is as sleek and dynamic a statement now as it was when first in production. In addition to that iconic piece, this retrospective exhibition includes around 40 other representative works, ranging from early models to designs from Breuer's later years in New York. Packed with chairs and tables you're sure to have seen somewhere but might not have actively recognised, 'Improvement for Good' is a treat for both design nerds and casual viewers.


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