Masahiro Usami: ‘Manda-la in Cyprus’

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宇佐美雅浩展「Manda-la in Cyprus」

Photographer Masahiro Usami's new exhibition takes place in the Mizuma Art Gallery. Known for his successful 'Manda-la' series, which was introduced in 2015 during his first solo exhibition, his new project 'Manda-la Cyprus' offers even more impressive works. Based on the concept of Buddhist mandala symbols, his photographs show a central figure in the middle of the composition, with people or objects surrounding it, expressing the figure's world-view. As with a mandala, these energy-loaded images leave a strong impression on viewers. This time, his journey lead him to Cyprus, illustrating the current situation of the country and the feelings of the residents, who are divided in Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots after the military conflicts in 1974.


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