Miyako Ishiuchi: Grain and Image

Art, Photography
石内都 肌理(きめ)と写真
石内都 肌理(きめ)と写真
石内都 肌理(きめ)と写真

Decorated photographer Miyako Ishiuchi trained as a textile designer and refers to herself as an artist – and to the making of her grainy, large-scale prints as an activity akin to dyeing fabric. The self-taught 70-year-old has a massive repertoire, having gone from shooting coarse monochromes of former red-light districts to documenting the atomic bomb victims of Hiroshima and featuring Frida Kahlo's private wardrobe and belongings in a recent solo show. Highlighting the central role that 'grain' – imperfection, memories, the passage of time – plays in Ishiuchi's work, this extensive, self-curated retrospective consists of around 240 prints and covers her entire career.


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