Moon Art Night Shimokitazawa

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  1. ムーンアートナイト下北沢2023
    Photo: 'Museum of the Moon' (2022), Luke Jerram
  2. ムーンアートナイト下北沢2023
    Photo: Masataka Tanaka'Intrude', Amanda Parer
  3. ムーンアートナイト下北沢2023
    Photo: Odakyu Electric Railway Co., Ltd.
  4. ムーンアートナイト下北沢2023
    Photo: Odakyu Electric Railway Co., Ltd.
  5. ムーンアートナイト下北沢2023
    Photo: Odakyu Electric Railway Co., Ltd.

Time Out says

This September, Shimokitazawa welcomes the return of its lunar art festival that will coincide with the upcoming full moon. Back for its second edition in 2023, Moon Art Night Shimokita will span several venues in the neighbourhood, including the Catholic Setagaya Church, the rooftop of Higashi-Kitazawa Station, and the Bonus Track complex.

Exhibits include an outdoor moon installation by UK artist Luke Jerram, whose giant floating model features striking details of the moon’s surface as captured by Nasa. This particular installation – titled 'Museum of the Moon' – was not available on weekdays during last year's festival but is set to be on show every day this year at the vacant lot of the Shimokita Senrogai complex. 

The festival is also hosting Tasmania-based artist Amanda Parer again this year, whose luminous inflatables of white rabbits will be installed in the Bonus Track complex and the Catholic Setagaya Church. 
Rabbits are not native to Australia; they have wreaked havoc on the island's ecosystem ever since they were imported by European colonists in the 18th century. Here, Parer uses them as a metaphor in her art to represent the ‘elephant in the room’ pertaining to the growing environmental crises. 

Aside from the free art exhibits, the festival will also feature several cultural activities and pop-ups. Several shops around Shimokitazawa Station will also offer full moon-inspired food and beverages and limited-edition products during the festival.


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