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Musician, photographer, collector of rare and wonderful keyboards, Morgan Fisher has worn a number of hats over the years, all of them searchingly creative. Based in Tokyo since the mid '80s, he has built on a reputation previously garnered during ivory-tickling stints with Mott the Hoople, Queen and Love Affair, and is known around the capital for diverse work in anything from TV commercial jingles to the out-and-out avant garde.

His latest happening stitches all these various strands together. Essentially an ode to self, Morganic sees the artist take over Harajuku's Vacant gallery for the best part of a fortnight, presenting concerts, exhibitions of his light paintings, tour photos from his Hoople heyday, talkshows and workshops. Perhaps most interesting of all will be the exhibit featuring his vast collection of rare and/or antique organs – a treasure trove of squeeze boxes and Hammond-esque delights – essential viewing for music obsessives and Mott fans alike.

For the full schedule, see Morgan's Morganic website, listed below.