Mot Annual 2023: Synergies, or Between Creation and Generation

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  1. MOTアニュアル2023 シナジー、創造と生成のあいだ
    画像提供:東京都現代美術館Unexistence Gallery(原田郁/平田尚也/藤倉麻子/やんツー)《新しい実存》2021-
  2. MOTアニュアル2023 シナジー、創造と生成のあいだ
    画像提供:東京都現代美術館菅野創+加藤明洋+綿貫岳海《かぞくっち》2022 photo : 山口伊生人

Time Out says

The Museum of Contemporary Art, Tokyo (MOT) has for almost a quarter-of-a-century been holding yearly exhibitions, under the banner of MOT Annual, that showcase diverse aspects of contemporary artistic practice in order to stimulate discussion and inquiry. MOT Annual 2023 takes a timely look at the relationship between the notions of ‘creation’, as manifested through the imaginations and craft of artists, and ‘generation’ brought about by such buzzword technologies as artificial intelligence, NFTS and the metaverse.

Around 50 works, by 11 artists including young ‘digital natives’, encourage visitors to perceive the exciting synergies that can be created between ‘creation’ and ‘generation’, two concepts that like analog vs. digital are usually thought of as opposites. Highlights include highly pixelated paintings created using a tablet app by popular NFT artist Zombie Zoo Keeper (the youngest creator featured; born 2012), and Future Sushi, an installation by Etsuko Ichihara that imagines the culinary delights of a dystopian age.

Note: the exhibition is closed from December 28 2023 to January 1 2024.

Text by Darren Gore


¥1,300, seniors over 65 years old ¥900, university & college students ¥900, high school & junior high school students ¥500, elementary school students & younger, free
Opening hours:
Tue-Sun, 10am-6pm (last entry 30 minutes before closing)
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