MOT Collection: Postwar Art in Close-Up

Art, Contemporary art
Toshikatsu Endo, 1991
Minoru Nakahara, 1924
Tadanori Yokoo, 2001

The Museum of Contemporary Art in Kiyosumi continues its rotating collection exhibits with a display focused on the history and development of postwar Japanese art. Marking both two decades since the museum's opening and 70 years since the end of World War II, 'Postwar Art in Close-Up' consists of a chronological introduction to the theme (exhibit on the ground floor), complete with references to social phenomena and currents that influenced it, as well as a spotlight display (on the 3rd floor) that takes up how traditional materials like wood and rocks have been used by postwar artists. This latter section includes Toshikatsu Endo's massive 'Fountain', a log-like piece over 20m long.

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