Nakamura Keith Haring Collection Pop-Up Museum Shop

中村キース・ヘリング美術館ミュージアムショップPop Up Tour
中村キース・ヘリング美術館ミュージアムショップPop Up Tour
中村キース・ヘリング美術館ミュージアムショップPop Up Tour
中村キース・ヘリング美術館ミュージアムショップPop Up Tour

Keith Haring's vibrantly coloured pop art feels modern to this day, and his popularity seems to never cease – just check out the Nakamura Keith Haring Collection for proof. The slightly out-of-the-way museum in Yamanashi prefecture has been kind enough to temporarily open an abridged version of its museum shop in Yokohama for all to enjoy. Besides the usual knickknacks from the shop and some limited-edition products, there will be a corner introducing non-governmental organisations and businesses with links to social topics such as more visibility for the LGBT community and HIV/AIDS prevention, both of which were prominent in Haring's work and life. Although Haring died at the young age of 31, it's a testament to the artist's vision and influence that his work still captivates audiences across the world over 25 years after his passing. Pay your tributes between November 9 and 21. 

After Marui City Yokohama, the pop-up event will be moving to Shinjuku's Marui Annex 2, where it will be on between December 1 and 25. 


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