Naojiro Harada Retrospective


A man who made the most of Japan's 'opening' to the world during the Meiji era, Naojiro Harada (1863-1899) studied French from an early age, and moved to Munich at 20 to pursue further education in the emerging genre of yoga (Western-style painting by Japanese). Challenging artistic and social conventions in his native country, Harada become something of a cult hero for his like-minded contemporaries after returning to Tokyo, and continued to hone his remarkable craft all the way up to an untimely death at the age of 36. Also shining a light on the pursuits of a number of his students and followers, this retrospective offers a comprehensive look at Harada's life and work, and is the first exhibition of its kind since the artist's passing (!). Well worth making the hike out to Saitama for.


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