Neo-Impressionism – From Light to Color

Neo-Impressionism – From Light to Color

Neo-Impressionism, one of the movements that propelled painting into the 20th century, is the focus of this chronological exhibition tracing the first 20 years of a style that first emerged at the Eighth Impressionist Exhibition, held in Paris in 1886. Pioneered by artists like Georges Seurat and Paul Signac, Neo-Impressionism made use of formalised art theory to build on the naturalism of the original Impressionists, and developed the technique of dot painting now known as Pointillism. Around 100 works by a total of 24 representative artists are displayed, beginning with the 'orthodox' style of Monet before moving on to the innovations of Seurat and Signac, and the later work of names like Matisse and Derain.

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