Olafur Eliasson: A Harmonious Cycle of Interconnected Nows

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  1. Firefly Biosphere (Falling Magma Star), 2023. Studio Olafur Eliasson, Berlin.
    Photo: Jens ZieheFirefly Biosphere (Falling Magma Star), 2023. Studio Olafur Eliasson, Berlin.
  2. オラファー・エリアソン展
    Photo:Kisa Toyoshima「瞬間の家」(2010)
  3. オラファー・エリアソン展:相互に繋がりあう瞬間が協和する周期
    Photo: Lars Borgesオラファー・エリアソン
  4. オラファー・エリアソン展
    Photo:Kisa Toyoshima「終わりなき研究」(2005)
  5. オラファー・エリアソン展
    Photo:Kisa Toyoshima16の吊り彫刻シリーズのひとつ「蛍の生物圏 (マグマの流星)」(2023)
  6. オラファー・エリアソン展
    Photo:Kisa Toyoshima展示風景
  7. オラファー・エリアソン展
    Photo:Kisa Toyoshimaオラファー・エリアソン展
  8. オラファー・エリアソン展:相互に繋がりあう瞬間が協和する周期
    Photo: Christian Uchtman瞬間の家(2010年)

Time Out says

Olafur Eliasson creates work that's truly of our time. This Icelandic-Danish artist wows audiences with large-scale installations that play with perceptions of light, colour and other natural phenomena, while simultaneously focusing attention on environmental issues that increasingly threaten our planet.

This inaugural exhibition of Azabudai Hills Gallery, located within the towering Azabudai Hills development, explores ideas central to the artwork that Eliasson has created for the lobby of Azabudai Hills Mori JP Tower. This installation (which shares its title with the exhibition) consists of four 3D sculptures made up of a complex series of polyhedra. These sculptures, made with recycled metal and suspended in an atrium, depict the twisting trajectory of a single point while alluding to the connection between all of creation at an atomic level.

The exhibition features no fewer than 15 works shown in Japan for the first time, including the stunning ‘Firefly biosphere (falling magma star)’ (2023), which is a geometric sculpture containing intricately refracted light. Another must-see is ‘Your split second house’ (2010), in which strobe-illuminated water droplets travel through a dark, 20m-long space.

Text by Darren Gore


¥1,800; high school, vocational school and college students ¥1,200; children 4 years old to junior high school students ¥900
Opening hours:
Mon, Wed, Thu & Sun 10am-7pm; Tue 10am-5pm; Fri, Sat & hols 10am-8pm
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