Piece of Peace part 3

PIECE OF PEACE-「レゴ®ブロック」で作った世界遺産展 PART-3 ー

The Acropolis of Athens, Angkor Wat, the Sagrada Familia: witness the spectacle of some of the most iconic Unesco World Heritage sites on the planet, recreated in Lego. 'Piece of Peace' – which now comes to the sixth-floor museum at Ueno's Matsuzakaya after a tour of Hong Kong, Taiwan and Singapore – is the work of local Lego maestro Kazuyoshi Naoe, who's overseen the construction of replicas of sites from all over the world for the show. A new addition for this time is Le Corbusier's National Museum of Western Art, listed by Unesco in 2016 and located in Ueno Park, just a quick stroll from the exhibition venue.


Event website: https://www.pofp.jp/
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