Reborn Art Festival 2017

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Reborn-Art Festival
Reborn-Art Festival
Photo: 岩橋仁子 IWAHASHI Toyoko(C)Reborn-Art Festival
Reborn-Art Festival
Photo: 中野幸英 NAKANO Yukihide(C)Reborn-Art Festival

2017 marks six years since the triple disasters of 3.11. The recovery is still ongoing, and many people across the country remain affected by the events of those fateful days. Looking to give the revival efforts one more boost, this summer art, music and food festival is set to take over the area around Ishinomaki, a city that saw massive tsunami damage in 2011, from late July to September. Artists from a wide range of genres, including JR, Kohei Nawa, Michihiro Shimabuku, Harumichi Saito, Yotta, Contact Gonzo and Teppei Kaneuji, will be working with locals in sharing their will and determination to keep living even under the roughest of circumstances.


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