Roman Cieślewicz: Melting Mirage

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ロマン・チェシレヴィチ 鏡像への狂気
ロマン・チェシレヴィチ 鏡像への狂気
ロマン・チェシレヴィチ 鏡像への狂気

A Polish-French graphic designer, Roman Cieślewicz (1930-1996) drew on the traditions of Bauhaus and Russian Constructivism is his early poster work, but veered off in a more experimental, photomontage-focused direction after moving to France in the early 1960s. As art director for Elle and Vogue, Cieślewicz contributed to changing how the public viewed the fashion press, introducing a strong current of satire, irony and criticism that outlived his tenure. This retrospective, realised in collaboration with the Polish National Museum in Poznań, displays around 200 Cieślewicz pieces, including posters, collage works and magazine layouts.


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