Sense Of Simplicity: The Work of Shinichiro Ogata

sense of simplicity

With the aim of redefining the next generation of Japanese culture and design, Shinichiro Ogata seeks out ways to translate long-standing traditions into contemporary culture. Since founding his company, Simplicity, in 1998, he has gone on to establish the dining club and teahouse Yakumo Saryo, the confectionery brand Higashiya, and the product line S[es].  This exhibition presents his ‘Sense of Simplicity’, showing his creative approach to nature, yin and yang, transience, purity and the five senses, which are the common denominators in all his works. Discover the rich sensibilities of Japanese aesthetics in everyday life and enjoy the pop-up store featuring sweets from Higashiya, the paper tableware series Wasara and items from S[es]. Souen Sakurai Japanese Tea Experience will also be offering a special menu named after the exhibition.

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