Shigeru Mizuki Retrospective: The Life of GeGeGe

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Master of yokai (supernatural creatures in Japanese folklore) manga and one of the most influential comic artists of his generation, Shigeru Mizuki channelled his own traumatic war experiences and hardship-filled early life into wonderfully imaginative and multi-layered stories – many of which are now being discovered by a new, international readership, in part due to the attention Mizuki's death at the age of 93 received in 2015. This display at Ginza's Matsuya lets you dive deep into the creative process behind 'GeGeGe no Kitaro' and other beloved Mizuki works while recounting the artist's dramatic personal history. In addition to original manga pages, the exhibition includes sketches, early self-portraits, yokai studies and much more – a total of around 130 pieces. 


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