Shinji Ogawa: Interferometry – Mirror and Rondo

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小川信治「干渉法 ー 鏡像とロンドによる」
小川信治「干渉法 ー 鏡像とロンドによる」
小川信治「干渉法 ー 鏡像とロンドによる」

Shinji Ogawa's incredibly detailed pencil drawings look almost like old monochrome photos when viewed from a distance. Playing with famed paintings and recreating them with slight modifications – removing a central character from Diego Velázquez's 'Las Meninas' or depicting two leaning towers of Pisa next to each other – the Yamaguchi native has earned quite a bit of international attention over the past few years, and put on a large-scale solo exhibition at the Chiba City Museum of Art in 2016. Here he shows off new drawings both big and small, collage works themed on stamps and more – around 15 pieces in total.


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