Shinji Ohmaki: 'Memorial Rebirth Senju 2016 Aoba'

Art, Installation
大巻伸嗣「Memorial Rebirth 千住 2016 青葉」
大巻伸嗣「Memorial Rebirth 千住 2016 青葉」

Taking place as a part of the interactive Art Access Adachi: Downtown Senju – Connecting Through Sound Art project, centred on the Senju neighbourhood in Adachi-ku, this programme comes courtesy of contemporary artist Shinji Ohmaki, known for his dynamic installations that bring to mind extraordinary worlds. The 'Memorial Rebirth' performance, which is taking place for the sixth time this year, will see him release massive amounts of sparkling soap bubbles into the air at the Senju Aoba junior high school. There are performances both during the day and in the evening, in addition to a soap bubble-themed Bon dance get-together – punnily titled 'Shabon Odori' (shabondama is Japanese for 'soap bubble') – in which anyone can participate.


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