Shoji Ueda: Another Scenery

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植田正治展 もうひとつの風景
植田正治展 もうひとつの風景
植田正治展 もうひとつの風景

Exploring the work of the Tottori-based Shoji Ueda (1913-2000), a photographer who found lifelong delight in the essence of amateur photography – taking snapshots of the world around him, in other words – Books and Modern highlights images from Ueda's 1974 work 'Memories Without Sound'. Planned for release immediately after his first overseas trip (Europe at the age of 59), it was abruptly cancelled at first – an unfortunate turn of events that nonetheless inspired Ueda to travel back to the same places the following year and re-shoot every photo. Don't miss this opportunity to see rare pieces by an artist who created most of his work along the sand dunes of his native prefecture.


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