Sony Building Stamp Rally

Sony Building Stamp Rally

So-called stamp rallies are a phenomenon in Japan, and first-timers now have a great chance to try one out by heading to Ginza's Sony Building and taking part for the chance to win prizes from the MoMA Design Store, including a designer lamp by Issey Miyake.

■Stamp points
① Main entrance (ground floor)
② Sony Showroom
③ 6F Edokko #1 Project & 3D Screening event venue
■Drawing venue
6F MoMA Design Store, Ginza
In-Ei Issey Miyake Mendori lamp: 1 person
Fish stool for kids: 4 people
Wooden fishing set: 5 people
Fish Condominium: 20 people
3D postcard: 50 people
MoMA eraser: 700 people

1 person listening