Surrealism – Paintings, Sculptures and Photographs

Art, Photography
全部みせます!シュールな作品 シュルレアリスムの美術と写真
全部みせます!シュールな作品 シュルレアリスムの美術と写真

We're not quite sure why, but the Yokohama Museum of Art has been collecting Surrealist works – photos, paintings, collages, you name it – for almost 35 years now. Highlights from that trippy trove are now put on display throughout winter, giving adventurous art fans the opportunity to admire pieces by the likes of René Magritte, Salvador Dalí, Max Ernst and Man Ray. Three of the museum's largest exhibition rooms have been filled for the occasion, so you'll be a looking at a real bonanza of mind-bending artistry.


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