Suzuki Kiitsu: Standard-Bearer of the Edo Rinpa School

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朝顔図屏風 鈴木其一筆 六曲一双のうち右隻 江戸時代 19世紀 アメリカ・メトロポリタン美術館 ©The Metropolitan Museum of Art. Image source- Art Resource, NY
水辺家鴨図屏風 鈴木其一筆 六曲一隻 江戸時代 19世紀 細見美術館
夏秋渓流図屏風 鈴木其一筆 六曲一双のうち左隻 江戸時代 19世紀 根津美術館
藤花図 鈴木其一筆 一幅 江戸時代 19世紀 細見美術館

Inspired by the literature and waka poetry of the Heian period, the classical revivalist Rinpa school was established in 17th-century Kyoto and rose to prominence through the efforts of master painter Ogata Korin and his brother Kenzan. In Edo, however, the school later took a more realistic, refined path – mainly through the efforts of Sakai Hoitsu and his student Suzuki Kiitsu (1796-1858), who drew on the legacy of Korin while giving Rinpa a distinctly modern, colourful touch. The Suntory Museum now looks back at Suzuki's illustrious career with an extensive retrospective, which features work from throughout his life – including masterpiece 'Morning Glories', on loan from the Met in New York. Wear a kimono to get a ¥100 discount on the entrance fee.


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