Takeji Fujishima: 150 Years Since His Birth

生誕150年記念 藤島武二展
生誕150年記念 藤島武二展
生誕150年記念 藤島武二展

A student of Seiki Kuroda and an innovator of yoga (Western-style Japanese art) around the turn of the century, Takeji Fujishima (1867-1943) was perhaps most influential as a teacher. A lecturer at the Tokyo Art School (now Tokyo University of the Arts) from 1896, the Kagoshima native instructed the likes of Yuzo Saeki, Ryohei Koiso and Genichiro Inokuma, all of whom went on to have glittering careers. This exhibition looks back at Fujishima's life and work through around 160 pieces, including sketches and other related materials, plus art by French painter Fernand Cormon, under whom Fujishima studied during a five-year spell in Europe.


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