The Elegant Other: Cross-Cultural Encounters in Fashion and Art

ファッションとアート 麗しき東西交流
ファッションとアート 麗しき東西交流

The Kyoto Costume Institute and the Yokohama Museum of Art join hands for a display of around 100 dresses and accessories from the late 19th to the early 20th century, highlighting how Japanese and Western clothing trends impacted each other at the height of the 'Japonism' boom. See European dresses decorated with kimono patterns, traditional Japanese garb influenced by French fashion, and luxurious accessories that blur the borders between East and West. In addition to materials from the KCI's collection, 'The Elegant Other' includes a number of pieces sourced from private collections and museums in both Japan and elsewhere, making for a unique opportunity to discover 100-year-old fusion fashion.


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