The Encyclopedia of Masamichi Katayama: Life is Hard... Let's Go Shopping

片山正通的百科全書 Life is hard... Let's go shopping.
片山正通的百科全書 Life is hard... Let's go shopping.
片山正通的百科全書 Life is hard... Let's go shopping.

The mastermind behind interior design firm Wonderwall, specialists in commercial spaces and office showrooms unique in design and explicit in function, Masamichi Katayama has given form to everything from Uniqlo's Ginza flagship to the definition-defying Intersect by Lexus showroom in Aoyama and French pastry magician Pierre Hermé's new Aoyama store. Also a collector of antiques, furniture (Jean Prouvé and Charlotte Perriand are among his favs) and contemporary art by the likes of Takashi Murakami and Ryan Gander, Katayama now shows off his trove at the Opera City gallery. Celebrating 25 years in the business of making things and places look and work better, the globetrotting Okayama native invites viewers to both appreciate an eclectic mixture of art and peek into his own creative process.


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