The Moon in Art

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月 -夜を彩る清けき光
月 -夜を彩る清けき光
月 -夜を彩る清けき光
月 -夜を彩る清けき光

Autumn is the time for moon-watching, and the quiet Shoto Museum in the backstreets of Shibuya gets in on the lunar-worshipping with an exhibition dedicated to depictions of the moon in Japanese art. Due to its impact on nature and human life, our planet's only natural satellite has been an object of devotion in Japan since ancient times – a fact reflected in the pieces here, which range from 13th-century Buddhist art to classical paintings, pottery and samurai armour. Note that the exhibition is divided into two parts – the first one runs from October 8 to 30 and the second from November 1 to 20.


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