The Secret of Simplicity: Dick Bruna's Design

展覧会メインビジュアル BLACK BEAR ©copyright : Dick Bruna
『うさこちゃんとじてんしゃ』原画 絵本 1982年 © copyright Mercis bv, 1953-2917
『なんてこっったい』 原画  ペーパーバック 制作年不詳  © Dick Bruna
『こいぬのくんくん』より 絵本 1969年   Illustrations Dick Bruna    © copyright Mercis bv, 1953-2017

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The late Dick Bruna is probably most famous for Miffy (Nijntje in Dutch, or, as only Bruna was allowed to say, 'Nijn'), his much-loved little bunny character. Yet in his capacity as a graphic designer, he produced much more than just Miffy-related works, all defined by their ultimate simplicity. Said aspect is at the core of this exhibition at Ginza's Matsuya, where around 40 original prints and sketches will be displayed alongside 200 paperbacks and more, for a total of 500 items that range from the ubiquitous Miffy prints to pieces relatively unknown outside of the Netherlands. Considering Bruna's recent passing, it's both a fitting tribute as well as an in-depth retrospective look at the designer's very own world.



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