The Splendid Art of Tea Utensils from Cha-no-yu and Sen-cha


Time Out says

Re-opened after renovations in autumn 2015, Setagaya's Seikado Bunko museum now puts on its second special exhibit after its facelift, shining the spotlight on tea utensils from the museum's extensive collection. Centred on pieces previously owned and used by major samurai families, including Tohoku's fabled Date clan, this display includes several National Treasures and Important Cultural Properties. A nice opportunity for learning more about the differences between the standard and the sencha versions of the tea ceremony and the cultures surrounding them, the exhibit sees a significant portion of the museum collection revealed to the public for the first time in 15 years. If you're at all curious about how the daimyo lords of the feudal era went about sipping their tea, this one should make for one interesting show.



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