The Story of Seibei Kajima, the ‘Millionaire Photographer’ in the Meiji Period

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明治に生きた“写真大尽” 鹿島清兵衛
「鶴の背中で笛を吹く女性」明治28-30(1895-1897)年頃 撮影:鹿島清兵衛 鶏卵紙プリントに手彩色 桜堂蔵 ※展示作品は複製
明治に生きた“写真大尽” 鹿島清兵衛 物語
「ぽん太とおえん」明治28(1895)年頃 撮影:鹿島清兵衛 鶏卵紙プリントに手彩色 個人蔵

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First introduced in the early Meiji era, photography, an entirely foreign technology at the time, quickly achieved popularly in a Japan that was opening up to the world. The many Japanese photographers of the time played a pivotal role in popularising the medium.

A special exhibition at the Fujifilm Square traces the career of Seibei Kajima, one of those influential Meiji photographers. With 25 original artefacts, including best-known works of Mount Fuji and kabuki drama actors, the exhibition reveals the great achievement of a man nicknamed the ‘Millionaire Photographer’. Talks on traditional photography by curator Naomi Izakura will be held on June 29, July 20 and August 10.



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