This is Kyosai!

ゴールドマン コレクション これぞ暁斎! 世界が認めたその画力
ゴールドマン コレクション これぞ暁斎! 世界が認めたその画力
ゴールドマン コレクション これぞ暁斎! 世界が認めたその画力

One of the last greats of traditional Japanese painting (Nihonga), Kyosai Kawanabe (1831-1889) personally saw Japan and Edo make the leap toward modernity – a leap that the artist himself often ridiculed in his work, caricaturing the mores and manners of the new system and society. Originally a student of the venerable Kano school, Kyosai regularly skirted decency and traditional morality both in his art and in private, but maintained a close connection with the mythology of traditional Japan, as seen in his regular and playful depiction of spirits, animals and other characters. The Bunkamura's spring special looks back at this witty master's career through works borrowed from the Israel Goldman Collection in London, known as one of the world's premier collections of Japanese prints, and offers a multi-faceted look into the creative spirit of the man they called 'the art demon'.


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