Tokyo Art Meeting ‘Transformation’


Expect to see some ideas for new art put forth by artists from various genres at the contemporary art focused, Tokyo Art Meeting. ‘Transformation’ is the theme of the inaugural event, which explores the boundary between humans and everything that is not human. On display are diverse images of animals, machines, imaginary creatures, which cross between these realms, and are represented in different art forms including paintings, sculpture and film.


AES + F, Matthew Barney, Simon Birch, Francesco Clemente, Marcus Coates, Jan Fabre, Gabríela Friɚriksdóttir, Naoki Ishikawa, Bharti Kher, Lee Bul, Motohiko Odani, Junya Oikawa, Jagannath Panda, Patricia Piccinini, Shahzia Sikander, Sputniko!, Jana Sterbak, Sarah Sze, Masakatsu Takagi, Tunga, Apichatpong Weerasethakul