Tokyo-Ga Meets Roppongi 2014

Tokyo-Ga Meets Roppongi 2014

The excellent book café at Tsutaya's Roppongi branch has had a facelift and opens up again on March 4 with this exhibition. The Tokyo-Ga photography project, which documents our beloved city from almost every angle imaginable, teams up with Tokyo Express to bring you a selection of pictures, photo books and other publications that focus on the current state of Tokyo. Exhibition contents will be changed weekly – the first week (Mar 4-9) will feature shots by Haruna Kawanishi and Yasutaka Kojima. All publications are also available for purchase.

Update: The exhibiting photographers for the following three weeks are:
March 10-16: Makiko Ui & Mitsugu Onishi
March 17-23: Bruno Quinquet & Rie Ishishita
March 24-31: Taku Shindoh & Chiaki Kano

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