Traditional Japanese Dance: Iwami Kagura

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Traditional Japanese Dance: Iwami Kagura

Based on ancient Japanese myths and legends, kagura dances are traditionally performed to thank the gods for ample harvests and catches. Among the many styles of this time-honoured form of performing art, Shimane prefecture’s Iwami Kagura is perhaps the most spectacular: the colourful props and decorations, including the 17m Jya-dou snake costume, are both visually stunning and impeccably crafted. Now’s your chance to watch an Iwami Kagura performance right here in Tokyo, and with English guidance to boot: Waseda University’s International Community Center invites Shimane’s Marubara Kagura troupe to perform two classic kagura stories. The first one, ’Orochi’, depicts a battle between a legendary serpent and the god Susano-o, while ‘Jinrin’ sees two handsome gods fight off a couple of angry ogres. And best of all, the performance is free, no reservations required.


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