Treasures from Ninnaji Temple and Omuro

特別展 仁和寺と御室派のみほとけ-天平と真言密教の名宝-
特別展 仁和寺と御室派のみほとけ-天平と真言密教の名宝-

Founded in the late 9th century, the world heritage-listed Ninnaji in Kyoto is the main temple of the esoteric Omuro school of Shingon Buddhism and home to numerous exceptional artworks. Highlights from its trove, along with masterpieces gathered from the around 790 other Omuro temples in Japan, make up this wide-ranging exhibition at the National Museum's Heiseikan. Among the around 170 works on display, which include statues, paintings, religious artefacts, pottery and calligraphy, you'll find rarities such as the national treasure-designated 'Seated Senju Kannon Bosatsu' of Fujiidera, shown outside its home temple for the first time since the Edo era, and the 12th-century 'Imperial Letter in the Hand of Emperor Takakura'. 

Note the some of the displays will be changed during the exhibition period.


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