Ujino: Rotate‘n’Roll Over

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宇治野宗輝 個展「Rotate‘n’Roll Over」
宇治野宗輝 個展「Rotate‘n’Roll Over」
宇治野宗輝 個展「Rotate‘n’Roll Over」

Born-and-bred Tokyoite Muneteru Ujino's installation series 'The Rotators' employs blenders, power drills and even cars to paint an ironic picture of Japan's mass-consumerist society and the artist's nostalgia for rock'n'roll culture. These 'sound sculptures' have kept Ujino busy in recent years as well – his pieces can often be spotted at leftfield art festivals in both Tokyo and Osaka – but he's also found time to neatly summarise more than two decades of activity with a new, extensive work called 'Plywoody Ozone-So'. This retrospective-like exhibit centres on that multi-faceted piece and presents a compilation of Ujino art ranging from early works to video documenting his recent performances. Head over to Yamamoto Gendai with an open mind and check out the production of an artist who's finally getting some of the international recognition he deserves.


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