Utagawa Kuniyoshi: His Pictorial Eloquence in the 21st Century

歌川国芳 21世紀の絵画力
歌川国芳 21世紀の絵画力
歌川国芳 21世紀の絵画力

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Long overshadowed by the likes of Hokusai and Hiroshige, late-Edo ukiyo-e master Utagawa Kuniyoshi has been enjoying some belated recognition of late. The latest major exhibition of his work to hit Tokyo is divided into two parts, titled '19th-century Kuniyoshi' and '21st-century Kuniyoshi' – taken together, they offer a comprehensive overview of an artist whose imaginative powers knew few bounds. Kuniyoshi's subjects ranged from traditional staples to monsters and caricatures, and unlike some of his peers, whose work has been diminished by overfamiliarity, he still retains the ability to amuse and shock. In addition to admiring the pieces, you'll be able to learn about the structure and inspiration behind them. Note that the first part of the exhibition is on until April 9, while the second part starts from April 11.



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