Van Gogh The Adventure of becoming an Artist

Van Gogh The Adventure of becoming an Artist

An exhibition commemorating Vincent Van Gogh, 120 years after his departure from this world in 1890, The Adventure of becoming an Artist displays approximately 120 works from the world’s two largest Vincent Van Gogh collections – the collection at the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam, and the collection at the Kröller Müller Museum in Otterlo. By focusing on pieces painted by both Gogh himself (including a number of prominent works including ‘Self-Portrait with Grey Felt Hat’) and various artists said to have influenced him, such as Claude Monet, Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, and Paul Gauguin, the exhibition attempts to further understanding of how Gogh, an artist who first began to gain artistic recognition at the age of 27, went on to become one of the most influential post-impressionist painters the world has ever known.

(c)Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam (Vincent van Gogh Foundation)

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