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Yokohama's DMM VR Theater is the first hologram projection theatre in the world and boasts a stage comprised of multi-image layers that bring about a rather realistic-looking virtual reality experience. Although its technological potential is yet to be fully utilised on a regular basis, the VRDG+H party sure has been trying hard to change the status quo. Kicked off in late summer 2016, this combo of VR imagery, music and 'multimedia cosplay' now returns for its fourth edition, welcoming Naohiro Ukawa's XXX Residents for a virtual reality version of the 'Eyeball Show'. Pioneered by legendary, mysterious art-rock pranksters the Residents, the show is officially authorised by the Louisiana-based, mask-wearing, Mute-signed and really rather bonkers outfit, and sees Dommune founder Ukawa take charge of an all-star cast that includes sound producer Hiroshi Ogawa, noise titan Merzbow, improv guitarist and 'daxophone' player Kazuhisa Uchihashi, up-and-coming indie pop star Zombie-Chang and many more. There are two shows on the day, both of which are likely to sell out in advance. Get your tickets here.


Event website: http://brdg.tokyo
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