Where’s Wally? 30th Anniversary Exhibition

ⓒ DreamWorks Distribution Limited. All rights reserved.
ⓒ DreamWorks Distribution Limited. All rights reserved.

Popular children’s puzzle book series ‘Where’s Wally?’ (or 'Where's Waldo?', for you North Americans) is celebrating its 30th anniversary. Of course, that means celebrations, namely a special exhibition with original images at Matsuya Ginza’s event square. About 150 original artworks are on display − 50 original illustrations, early stage drawings, and childhood-sketches made by creator Martin Handford, plus never-exhibited-before artworks. A line-up of more than 400 original goods completes this one-of-a-kind event. Free admission is provided for everyone wearing a red and white shirt on ‘Wally Day’ (Apr 21, 28 and May 5).


Event website: http://wally30.jp/
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