Yasushi Nirasawa: Nirasawa Vol.3 ‘Villains’

Yasushi Nirasawa: Nirasawa Vol.3 ‘Villains’

Creative designer, model maker and illustrator Yasushi Nirasawa is holding the solo exhibition ‘Niraism’ at Gallery Hakusen in his home area of Asagaya. As its title suggests the theme of his third exhibition is ‘villains’. Up until now Nirasawa has been in charge of designing mystery characters in the Kamen Rider Series, as well as creatures for films, manga, games and more. Marilyn Manson, a big fan of Nirasawa’s, even visited him to ask him to create a figurine of himself. Nirasawa will also do a live painting during the exhibition; make the most of this opportunity to see just how good Nirasawa is.

Event website: http://hakusen.jp
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