Yoshihiko Ueda: Forest 1989-2017

Art, Photography
上田義彦写真展「Forest 印象と記憶 1989-2017」
上田義彦写真展「Forest 印象と記憶 1989-2017」
上田義彦写真展「Forest 印象と記憶 1989-2017」

Perhaps it's the lack of motion that appeals to him, but master of portraits Yoshihiko Ueda is also an eager observer of trees. Taken over a 30-year period, 'Quinault', which documents woods on Native American land, and the twin collections 'Materia' and 'M.River', both shot on Yakushima, saw him dive deep into the mystical beauty and majesty of forests. This exhibition consists mainly of new shots taken during 2017, when Ueda revisited Washington State, Yakushima and the Kasuga Taisha shrine in Nara to capture ancient trees from a fresh perspective.


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