Yoshiiku and Yoshitoshi: Ukiyo-e Masters at the Dawn of Modernization

  • Art, Painting
  1. 芳幾・芳年―国芳門下の2大ライバル
  2. 芳幾・芳年―国芳門下の2大ライバル
    画像提供:三菱一号館美術館月岡芳年「東京自慢十二ヶ月 二月 梅やしき 新橋 てい」明治13(1880)年 北九州市立美術館 ※展示替えあり
  3. 芳幾・芳年―国芳門下の2大ライバル
    画像提供:三菱一号館美術館落合芳幾「与ハなさけ浮名の横ぐし」万延元(1860)年 悳コレクション
  4. 芳幾・芳年―国芳門下の2大ライバル
    画像提供:三菱一号館美術館歌川国芳「源頼光公舘土蜘作妖怪図」天保14(1843)年 浅井コレクション

Time Out says

The Mitsubishi Ichogkan Museum is set to close temporarily for a massive renovation, with plans to reopen in the autumn of 2024. Prior to the closure, the museum is hosting a final exhibition dedicated to Ochiai Yoshiiku (1833-1904) and Tsukioka (Taiso) Yoshitoshi (1839-1892), two artists who trained under the renowned ukiyo-e master Utagawa Kuniyoshi (1798-1861). 

Between 1866 and 1867, Yoshiiku and Tsukioka worked closely to document the violent societal turmoil during the collapse of the shogunate through traditional woodblock prints. The pair later became friendly rivals, with Yoshiiku moving on to produce multicoloured woodblock prints for the Tokyo Nichinichi Shimbun newspaper, while Yoshitoshi expanded upon the musha-e warrior depictions he inherited from Kuniyoshi and created ukiyo-e works with historical themes.

Both artists represent the last generation of true ukiyo-e masters in the Meiji Restoration, and this exhibition primarily features works from the Asai Collection that showcase their efforts to resist the decline of ukiyo-e.


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